The Mona Lisa Foundation

The Mona Lisa Foundation is a non-profit Foundation, with its seat in Zurich, governed by the laws of Switzerland (Articles 80 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code). The Foundation was entered into the public Commercial Register of the Canton of Zurich, under Identification Number CHE-146.759.395, and it is supervised by the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA) as the control authority.

The purpose of the foundation is to investigate the evidence that Leonardo da Vinci painted two versions of the Mona Lisa portrait and to present the art history, scientific research and comparative studies of the earlier version of the portrait, historically referred to as the ‘Isleworth Mona Lisa’. Exclusively endowed by the owners of the painting to carry out its objectives,The Mona Lisa Foundation consults and collaborates with museum institutions, scientists, technicians as well as art historians, scholars and other experts in the fields of scientific research and connoisseurship.

By exhibiting the ‘Earlier Mona Lisa’ around the world, the foundation heightens public awareness of the masterpiece, while fostering and encouraging dialogue with art historians, scientists and experts alike, in the compilation of respective publications such as books, films, articles and internet-based content.

The foundation is comprised of a Foundation Council and an Advisory Board, all Members of which have a strong background or interest in the arts as well as significant expertise in various other occupations. Their combined intellectual and vocational resources are united in the commitment to the goals of the foundation.

The Mona Lisa Foundation welcomes any and all contributions from qualified parties around the world in the
general furtherance of its objectives.

The Mona Lisa Foundation,
Bellerive 29, 8008 Zurich, Switzerland.

Enquiries may be made in writing to The Mona Lisa Foundation at the above address, or by e-mail to: [email protected]

Members Of The Board Of Foundation Councils

Dr. Markus A. Frey, President
David Feldman, Vice President
Dr. Daniel F. Kohler
Alan F. Lindsey
Kenneth R. Derrick
Deric B. Wood

Advisory Committee

Wolfgang Achterberg
Jean-Paul Carradori
Kildare Dobbs (1923 – 2013)
Surajit Gongvatana
Anatoly Y. Karpov
Qing Li
Frank A. Masie
Arthur Napolitano
Vincent Ong
Olivier Perez Kennedy
Robin M. Szemeti

General Secretary

Joël Feldman